The Nam Song Story

Whilst travelling on our gap year we were lucky enough to experience the incredible country of Vietnam – the places, the people, the welcoming atmosphere, the food and the coffee. Simply unreal.

We wanted to be able to relive this every day so when we got back home we created Nǎm Sông and opened in Broomhill, Sheffield in 2017!

“I am more appreciative of who I am as a person as Vietnam really enabled me to feel free. I thank my lucky stars every day for being fortunate enough to have visited such a beautiful country, with such beautiful energy from beautiful people.” – Jade, Nǎm Sông Customer

Jackie’s Story

The Nǎm Sông brand wouldn’t be what it is today without the inspirational work of The Kianh Foundation, which was co-founded by Jackie Wrafter MBE. In the year 2000 Jackie co-founded the Kianh Foundation as a response to the severe lack of services for children with disabilities in a local orphanage in Central Vietnam.

Today, the Kianh Foundation runs its own school and therapy centre in Dien Ban, Quang Nam Province that provides families the support they need to allow them to keep their child within the family and not give them up to an orphanage or institution.

Dan’s Story

We are very proud to say that we have had the really exciting opportunity to collaborate with Daniel Phung. Daniel is an incredible dancer and choreographer who created his own path with within what is an extremely competitive industry. He gave us such a special opportunity to help tell his story and create this beautiful piece on the subject of Belonging, which is a subject thast has touched our hearts through our travels and with visitors to our sites.