Nǎm Sông Ground 250g Coffee Bag

Nǎm Sông Ground 250g Coffee Bag


Please note, that due to supply issues relating to COVID-19 we are currently only able to send out our coffee in reseable plastic tubs, rather than the reseable brown foil lined paper packet they usually come in. It's still the exact same coffee, just in a different container, and all other elements of the coffee set will be as per usual.


Make your own Vietnamese coffee at home with a 250g ground bag of Nǎm Sông Coffee! 


All of the coffee we use in store and in these sets is sourced directly from Vietnam, before being shipped over green and roasted in Sheffield by the immensly talented Frazer's Coffee Roasters. We have worked with Frazer to develop a roast profile that perfectly recreates the classic and extremely bold coffee taste that you would find in any cafe on the streets of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. However by being roasted in the UK our coffee is still extremely fresh by the time it reaches you, which is reflected in our high quality taste! This is where we are different from other brands of Vietnamese coffee that you can find in the UK, which have often been roasted many months before you come to drink them. 


Our coffee is ideally suited or use with a traditional Vietnamese phin coffee filter.


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