Vietnamese Phin Filter Coffee Set

Vietnamese Phin Filter Coffee Set


Please note, that due to supply issues relating to COVID-19 we are currently only able to send out our coffee in reseable plastic tubs, rather than the reseable brown foil lined paper packet they usually come in. It's still the exact same coffee, just in a different container, and all other elements of the coffee set will be as per usual.


Make your own delicious Five Rivers Coffee at Home with our Vietnamese Coffee Phin Filter Coffee Set! 


The set includes a pre-ground 250g packet of Five Rivers Vietnamese Coffee, a stainless steel Vietnamese Phin Coffee Filter and a 397g of Longevity Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk.


This is the perfect gift for someone you know who has been to Vietnam themselves and have since wanted to experience the peaceful ritual of brewing Vietnamese Phin Filter coffee again at home. Never been to Vietnam? Then not a problem! (Although you really should go and visit this incredible country as soon as possible!) This is a perfect gift for the coffee lover in anyone's life to introduce them to a truly unique way of preparing and drinking coffee. Served either black for a proper wake-you-up-in-the-morning cup, or with Longevity condensed milk to create a chocolatey and caramely dream in a cup!




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