Phin Filter Coffee Set

5-square Vietnamese Phin Filter Coffee Set Nam Song Vietnamese Coffee Nam Song Condensed Milk Nam Song Coconut Condensed Milk
Phin Filter Coffee Set

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Vietnamese Phin Filter Coffee. If you know, you know. If you don’t, it’s probably the best coffee you’ve never had.

Transporting you to the roadside cafes of Saigon or Hanoi the Nam Song Phin Filter set includes:

• 250g of Single Origin Lâm Đồng Coffee pre ground for perfect use with a Phin Filter. Roasted in Sheffield UK for extra freshness

• Stainless Steel 8oz Nam Song Phin Coffee Filter that doesn’t need paper filters so it’s incredibly sustainable

• 397g tin of either Longevity Condensed Milk or Vegan Coconut Condensed Milk