Nam Song Traveller Takeover Series

Năm Sông was born following our travels around South East Asia and being lucky enough to be able to experience the incredible Country and Culture of Vietnam.

Vietnam changed our lives and it is heartwarming the amount of people who visit Năm Sông that feel the same about Vietnam! We want to make the roots of our business more of a focus of what we do, so we want to start sharing others’ experiences and stories from their adventures in the hope that it will encourage more people to visit such an amazing place or remind anyone who has been before of those little moments and memories that make travelling so special.

So here is the legend that is Harry!

He has very kindly agreed to be the our first Traveller Takeover Series so keep an eye out on our social media for the next month where we will be sharing his snaps, videos and stories from his recent trip to Northern Vietnam. Give his own page a follow, some fantastic snaps and photos to be seen on there 🇻🇳

Big up Harry. Big up Travelling. Big up Vietnam!

Follows us on insta on @namsongcaphe