Vietnamese Phin Filter

Nam Song own branded Phin Filters just released!

We first fell in love with Vietnamese Phin Filter Coffee on the streets of Saigon. The mesmerising drip drip drippppp as the strong dark Vietnamese Coffee brews and then mixing it with that dreamy condensed milk. It was like nothing we’ve ever tasted before! Ever since that moment we’ve always championed the mighty Phin Filter and given that’s our mission, we’re so happy to say we’ve now got our very own Nam Song Phin Filters, available for you to buy in our online shop.

Vietnamese Phin Filters are an unreal addition to any coffee lovers home brew routine. So simple to use, so relaxing to watch and so delicious to drink. It’s also one of the most environmentally friendly methods of brewing coffee at home as it has an inbuilt filter which removes the need for a paper filter that needs to be discarded after every brew, which over a life time of use reduces a whole lot of needless waste.

Nam Song branded Phin Filters are now available to purchase from the Nam Song online store, which you can visit by clicking the link below:

Get your Nam Song Phin Filter now!

You can get Phin Filters individually or as part of a set alongside a 250g bag of our Lâm Đồng Single Origin Vietnamese Coffee (ground perfectly for use with a Phin Filter) and a tin of Longevity Brand Condensed Milk or Coconut Condensed Milk to make it vegan friendly.

Just add coffee, water and sit back and lket the drip drip drip transport you straight to the streets of Hanoi or Saigon! Not sure how to brew using a Phin? Click the link below to watch a handy video that we’ve put together that will show you everything you need to know:

Long live the Phin Filter!